Pumpkins & Thangs

It is November 1st, so I am excited about this MONTH! November is the time to give thanks (although we should do this year round). I am especially thankful for my two Tubba Wubbas! They are the apple of my eye and the thorn in my side, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy Fall Y’all!!


Go Hornets!

On 5/6/17 (Yeah, I’m late) I got to see a few of little cousin’s play at their Jamboree Football Game in Naples, Florida. I missed Preston’s game but I did see Darryl #6 (aka Pooka Dook) play. He, of course, did awesome because his uncle Andrew Layton was on the sideline about to pop a blood vessel if he didn’t. The next day, little Gregory Jr. #11 had his first game, which ended in victory. I think he had to guard the biggest player on the opposing team which is unconstitutional! (I just wanted to use that word, don’t judge me) I even saw some old classmates and got a few shots of their son #11. Needless to say, I enjoyed watching the lil’ chirren do their thing!

First Wedding of 2017 #Wed2Willis

I think next to my kids, weddings are my most favorite things to shoot AND I got to start off my new year with a January Wedding! Whenever I am hired as a wedding photographer, I think about all of the great memories that will be captured in that moment and how much of a HUGE responsibility that is for me. On this day, Tykee (the princess), married her prince. It was a Princess Masquerade. I love when couples think outside of the box and try something a little different on their big day. Just look at the awesomeness below… Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Willis.

Grandma wants some pictures too…

Since I am a photographer and she (my mom) loves to take pictures, it was only right that she get in on a photo shoot too. Meet my mother, Arleen (aka Sexy Grandma). 51 and single! She likes long walks on the beach and Newport 100’s. She can cook a mean lasagna and is as strong as an ox (her words, not mine). Seriously though, she is one of the coolest people I know. Check her out. P.S. my son (her grandson) had to photobomb at least one of her shots, take a look…

72nd Annual Dunbar Easter Parade

As a child, it was a tradition for me to celebrate Easter Sunday the same way every year. We had church in the morning, followed by the Easter Parade in the afternoon and then best Sunday dinner cooked by my grandma Cecile (BOY I miss her cooking!). Growing up in Fort Myers, Florida,  Easter Sunday was something that people in the Dunbar Community looked forward to. We got to wear our Sunday “best” as we celebrated the resurrection of Christ and then switched into our Easter “outfit” to enjoy the parade and festivities.  This is still very much the tradition in 2016. The Easter parade was lead by the Fort Myers Police Department and consisted of many different local businesses, churches, schools and organizations (to name a few). Although the parade this year was not very lengthy, I am pleased that I got to capture some moments of the 72nd Annual Dunbar Easter Parade. Take a look below, you might be in a picture, or two or three!

Peace, Love & Abundance 🙂

Noodles – Lock It Up!

I attended a flag football tournament at the Lakewood Spartans field in St. Petersburg, FL this past weekend. The team that I photograph is called Noodles, however, I was informed that they were changing their name to “Lock It Up”. I do not know much about football (except for “Blue… 42… SET HUT!”) but I did enjoy the game. Go Noodles!

Peace, Love & Abundance Y’all 🙂