Meet Bryce… C/O 2016

He plays basketball & the saxophone? Really?! I cannot do either, so he is already awesome! Bryce is also a soon to be Class of 2016 Graduate. Bryce & the family traveled from Ft. Myers, FL to Largo, FL for his Senior Session. We ended up shooting in Largo Central Park, which is a great location for any session. He was not as excited as I was about shooting, but when I started talking about girls, he slowly opened up. I even managed to get him to smile! Smiling or not, he did great! Take a look below…

Bryce-0317Bryce-0324 Bryce-0351Bryce-0354Bryce-0357Bryce-0014Bryce-0129Bryce-0026Bryce-0142Bryce-0150Bryce-0381Bryce-0171Bryce-0175Bryce-0164Bryce-0191Bryce-0261Bryce-0259

Peace, Love & Abundance 🙂


She is called Cheeky Monkey…

My 1st pet photo shoot was a success! Or at least I believe it was. Cheeky Monkey, or as I  like to call her, Kinky Monkey, rocked her first photo shoot. Yep… she looked at me like “who is this woman, and why is she in my house?”,  but I didn’t let that bother me. With the help of her owner, we managed to get some good shots.  So pets… yes, I shoot them too! Just as long as they do not bite. I am allergic to pain!

Peace, Love & Abundance 🙂

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Alexis C/O 2015!

Class of 2015 soon to be graduate, Alexis, rocked her Senior photo shoot! She was a little ball of energy who made every picture shine (not including the glaring Florida sun). I love how carefree & open-minded she was. To be a High School Senior again… I can only dream. For now, take a peek at her awesomeness!



DSC_0760DSC_0810 DSC_0878 DSC_0881 DSC_0882 DSC_0883DSC_0266DSC_0268DSC_0286DSC_0271DSC_0305 (1)DSC_0768DSC_0762DSC_0145DSC_0147 (1)DSC_0149 (1)DSC_0084DSC_0210

Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Love is a beautiful thang! I am so glad to have witnessed and capture this couples special day. Talk about a heartfelt and sincere ceremony; the tears were hard to hold back.The wedding ceremony was an intimate occasion, consisting of … Continue reading

Kyla — America’s Next Top Model?

Kyla (Kyla Pratt is what I call her) was such a ball of fun to work with. She rocked this session! At first, she was a bit shy, but once I told her to do as ANTM do, she was all good. We had her photo shoot on her Birthday, so that made it extra special. We even got a special cameo of the cute doggy Charlotte! Towards the end of the session, her cousin JJ (and his boo), and cousin Derrick joined in to get their model on. I love it!